Renaissance drives the growth of regional venture capital investment, while serving as a bridge between emerging innovation communities and a strong industrial and commercial base.

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Driving Regional Investment

In many regions of the U.S., there is significant underinvestment in high-potential startup companies. For instance, the state of Michigan ranks in the top ten states for both business research investment (4th) and academic research expenditures (8th), but has traditionally lagged in total venture capital investment. This gap represents significant investment opportunities for venture capitalists and growth opportunities for the region. Renaissance is focused on closing this gap by creating value added connections between startups and national investors.

Renaissance works with statewide partners across universities, accelerators, seed and angel funds to identify Michigan’s best early stage companies.  We then work individually and programmatically to connect these companies with Renaissance’s national venture capital network.  Through these efforts, Renaissance has helped attract over $2.6 billion of investment into more than 78 promising young Michigan companies.

Renaissance Venture Capital