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Renaissance semi-annually assembles the “Hotlist” – a listing of companies that we’ve identified as the most promising early-stage companies in Michigan that anticipate raising venture capital in the next 12-18 months.

This group of around 50 high potential companies is curated from hundreds of recommendations made by Renaissance local partners (universities, incubators, accelerators, seed funds, angel networks, etc.).

Current Hotlist companies are shown below, sortable by sector and with embedded links where their pitch decks and short pitch videos may be downloaded if available.

Company Name Primary Sector Description
86 Repairs Information Technology (IOT, Enterprise, Internet) 86 Repairs is a subscription service that automates the repair and maintenance process for restaurant groups, providing data insights that have never existed before in the massive facilities industry
Aise LLC FinTech Aise is a financial wellness b2b solution offered to employers and insurance companies that allows employees to have all financial obligations (bills) deducted directly from their paycheck
Akadeum Life Sciences, Inc. Healthcare - Medicale Device & Biotech/Pharma Microbubble-based reagents and devices to solve long-standing separation problems in cell therapy, diagnostics and research markets
Akibah Health Healthcare - Medical Device Akibah Health is a Techstars-backed company harnessing the power of mobile health technology and data science to give people the knowledge and recommended actions to live healthier lives
Andonix Information Technology (IOT, Enterprise, Internet) Andonix is dedicated to connecting, up-skilling, and empowering people that don't have a choice to work from home (front-line workers) with smart technology
Arterez, Inc. Healthcare - Biotech/Pharma Multi-compound therapeutics and companion diagnostics ‘fingerprints’ composed of shed GCX detritus targeting multi-factorial ‘root cause’ etiology of cardiovascular disease
ArtOva Therapeutics Healthcare - Biotech/Pharma ArtOva treats Premature Ovarian Insufficiency, a devastating side effect of childhood cancer. ArtOva's immune-isolating ovarian tissue grafts, implanted under the skin, restore normal hormone function
Asalyxa Bio Healthcare - Biotech/Pharma Asalyxa Bio is focused on the rapid development of a revolutionary innate immune cell targeting platform to create first-in-class particle drug products for diseases with continuing high unmet medical
Auralab LLC Information Technology (IOT, Enterprise, Internet) Auralab's Breathscape is an app that measures respiratory rhythms in real time and generates soothing music that ebbs and flow with the breath, effortlessly guiding users toward deeper states of relaxation
Autaza Technology Inc. Advanced Manufacturing / Materials Autaza is expert in solutions for industrial quality control through proprietary and patented technologies involving computer vision and artificial intelligence
Avidhrt Healthcare - Medical Device Avidhrt has developed a handheld cardiac monitor with AI driven ECG rate and rhythm analysis, blood oxygenation analysis (pulse oximetry) and infrared temperature measurement
Backboard Information Technology (IOT, Enterprise, Internet) Backboard is a communication platform for the deskless workforce that provides an interactive TV experience where key stakeholders can remotely syndicate content to and interact with the content using simple hand gestures
BioSense Healthcare - Medical Device BioSense developed the first working non-contact ECG system that reads the ECG through multiple layers of fabric and clothing. BioSense makes it fast and easy to acquire the ECG
BitLyft Information Technology (IOT, Enterprise, Internet) BitLyft is a cybersecurity software company that helps companies with there cybersecurity needs. BitLyft allows companies to maintain visibility and remediate threats with a custom-developed security plan that provides the preemptive advantage and confidence to solve IT’s toughest challenges
BrandXR Marketing / Advertising / Sales BrandXR is an award-winning XR creative studio and no-code augmented reality platform
Cellf-Bio, LLC Healthcare - Biotech/Pharma Cellf BIO is an early stage bioengineering company, pioneering regenerative stem cell medicine-based therapies for common functional digestive disorders and neurodegenerative diseases of the GI tract
Claira Information Technology (IOT, Enterprise, Internet) Claira is a competency matching marketplace that connects people to work instantly, based only on the things they can do. No job descriptions, no resumes
Connect Space Inc Information Technology (IOT, Enterprise, Internet) Connect Space has developed a comprehensive, proprietary web and mobile based event management platform featuring curated matched meetings
Courage Therapeutics Healthcare - Biotech/Pharma Courage Therapeutics is a discovery stage biopharma focused on eating disorder drug development. The company is establishing products including anorexia nervosa and obesity caused by rare mutations.
CubeWorks Information Technology (IOT, Enterprise, Internet) CubiSens™ XT1 is a novel temperature monitor for end-to-end pharmaceutical cold chain logistics that is small enough to be attached to individual vials and syringes of vaccines and high-value drugs
DeepHow Information Technology (IOT, Enterprise, Internet) DeepHow bridges the skills gap in manufacturing, service, and construction through an AI-powered knowledge capturing and learning platform based on smart how-to videos
Detroit Maid Information Technology (IOT, Enterprise, Internet) Detroit Maid is an on-demand marketplace connecting cleaning pros to busy people in minutes. Known as the "Uber of cleaning", Detroit Maid currently has service areas in Detroit, Chicago and Toledo
Diet ID Healthcare - Services or Health IT Digital Health SaaS company building the fastest diet assessment and management tools, making it possible to finally treat diet as a vital sign in 500M+ healthcare interactions
Electra.aero Automotive / Mobility Electra is developing a super-quiet, hybrid-electric short takeoff and landing (eSTOL) aircraft for urban and regional mobility applications. Like eVTOL, but actually useful
Enertia Microsystems Inc. Automotive / Mobility Enertia is commercializing a low-cost ultra-high-precision micro gyroscope for future mobility, consumer electronics, and aerospace and defense applications
eSimplify Enterprises, inc Healthcare - Services or Health IT eSimplify is a SaaS predictive practice analytics platform that helps primary care physicians maximize revenue, identify gaps in care, and most importantly, improve quality of care for patients
Espervita Therapeutics Healthcare - Biotech/Pharma Espervita Therapeutics is an early stage pharmaceutical company focused on the discovery of metabolic reprogramming therapies for the treatment of cancers in areas with significant unmet medical need
Facility Health, Inc. Healthcare - Services or Health IT FHI is a technology start-up that is transforming how dynamic physical environments such as healthcare and food processing are using capital planning to inform M&A and master planning strategies
Fifth Eye Inc. Healthcare - Medical Device Armed with an FDA De Novo grant and beginning commercialization, Fifth Eye's noninvasive software device is the first to provide continuous monitoring of hemodynamic status using a single ECG lead
FreightRoll Information Technology (IOT, Enterprise, Internet) FreightRoll's offerings take currently manual, paper-based and siloed supply chain information exchange processes, digitizes them and automatically reconciles them for both shippers and receivers
Genomenon, Inc. Healthcare - Services or Health IT An AI-driven genomics company that puts genomic knowledge at the fingertips of doctors to diagnose patients suffering from rare diseases and cancer, and researchers focused on precision medicine
Gild FinTech Gild brings A.I. technology to the financial services and insurance sector allowing for the digitization of products and associated sales, servicing, and advisor responsibilities
Guilde Information Technology (IOT, Enterprise, Internet) Guilde is a free marketplace using AI & ML to streamline and automate the home renovation process, facilitating greater collaboration between customers and contractors to get jobs done
HedgeHog Health Inc Healthcare - Services or Health IT HedgeHog Health is a behavioral health company that helps kids with Autism reach their full potential by equipping parents with an expert care team, personalized training, and tech-enabled tools
Indapta Therapeutics, Inc. Healthcare - Biotech/Pharma Indapta is a biotech company developing an off the shelf allogeneic natural killer (NK) cell therapy for multiple cancers. It is based on pioneering work done at MSU to identify a subset of NK cells
Individuallytics Healthcare - Services or Health IT A telemedicine (SAAS) “blue ocean” platform that integrates best medication selection & digital health behavior interventions for multiple chronic condition (MCC) patients and doctors
KUHMUTE Automotive / Mobility Universal Charging Network for anything smaller than a car, or better known as Micromobility
Lincode Labs Inc. Information Technology (IOT, Enterprise, Internet) Lincode Labs is transforming the autonomous quality inspection using Artificial Intelligence and IoT
Machine Hub Information Technology (IOT, Enterprise, Internet) Machine Hub is a SaaS platform that allows Machine Tools Dealers to simplify their buying and selling process while providing key business intelligence and improving operations
Modus Healthcare - Services or Health IT Modus is a patented digital health technology platform that finds, rates, and rewards the best quality physicians who serve the patients’ and employers’ best interests
Mountain Pass Solutions Education Tech Mountain Pass Solutions optimizes the complex hiring, performance evaluation, and personnel management workflows and data challenges that exist in universities and academic medical centers
Movellus OTHER Movellus delivers Platform Chips based on their Maestro intelligent clock networks to semiconductor chip customers. Maestro is in production with multiple customers in many markets
Navv Systems, Inc. Healthcare - Services or Health IT NAVV is the developer and seller of NavvTrack - a healthcare focused indoor location, navigation, and tracking platform that provides real-time indoor GPS, used to track people and assets
Orb Aerospace Automotive / Mobility Orb Aerospace is building second-generation electric aerial platforms with real utility for the Air Force and high-impact applications in developing markets
PhotoGAUGE Inc Information Technology (IOT, Enterprise, Internet) Photogauge is helping customers solve all types of inspection problems using the power of mobile cameras + the power of cloud computing + AI + secret sauce at PhotoGAUGE
Pocketnest FinTech Comprehensive Financial Planning for the DIY’ers. Pocketnest (B2B2C & Saas), provides comprehensive financial planning in a tech platform primarily targeting genX and millennials through Saas to Fis
Rebound Information Technology (IOT, Enterprise, Internet) Rebound is the first AI-powered chatbot that pulls Amazon and Shopify seller data into one place, so you can see how your business is performing instantly. No dashboards to log into or apps to install
Remora Automotive / Mobility Remora's device captures the carbon emissions from a semi truck and sells the captured CO2 to end users like concrete producers, helping companies earn new revenue while meeting their climate commitments
RevKeep Healthcare - Services or Health IT RevKeep software helps health care providers retain more of the money they earned during audits of clinical services they previously performed, and were previously paid (e.g. post-payment audits, RAC)
Ripple Science Corporation Healthcare - Services or Health IT Ripple software employs data science to automate and assist the clinical trial recruitment and patient engagement workflow at sites while reporting metrics in realtime for stakeholders & sponsors
Rivet Work Inc Information Technology (IOT, Enterprise, Internet) Rivet helps skilled trade companies, trade schools, and labor unions schedule, forecast, acquire and dispatch skilled workers to jobs and jobsites
StarchTek Corp. Advanced Manufacturing / Materials StarchTek is a partner integrator, for the protective packaging industry, offering a green turn-key starch manufacturing solution to replace plastics using StarchTek's patented Starcha™ compound and process
Student Achievement Systems, LLC Education Tech Student Achievement Systems LLC's Pulse is an innovative SaaS tool for helping educators closely monitor and manage the success of their virtual classrooms and remote students' success
Trace Bio Healthcare - Medical Device TRACE Bio is an early stage technology company that seeks to improve human health with innovative wearable and home health monitoring technologies
Wedge Information Technology (IOT, Enterprise, Internet) Wedge is the one-way video screening solution that helps recruiters make authentic connection with candidates

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