2023/2024 HOTLIST

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The Hotlist is a database of promising early-stage companies from Michigan that anticipate raising venture capital in the next 12-18 months.

This group of startups is curated from hundreds of recommendations made by Renaissance local partners (universities, incubators, accelerators, angel networks, and venture funds).

Current Hotlist companies are shown below, sortable by sector and with embedded links where their pitch decks may be viewed if available.

Company Name Primary Sector Description
Aerial Vantage Information Technology (IOT, Enterprise, Internet) Aerial Vantage speculatively captures aerial imagery at scale in order to deliver artificial intelligence models via Accelerate, our Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Computer Vision SAAS.
Airspace Link, Inc. Information Technology (IOT, Enterprise, Internet) Airspace Link builds digital infrastructure for the UAS industry with a concentration on how local governments manage & monitor their airspace, alongside operator tools to maximize efficiency.
Akeila Bio Healthcare - Biotech/Pharma Akeila Bio is a biotech start-up company developing breakthrough, next-generation RXR agonists to treat a broad range of disease areas and indications with continuing and critical unmet medical needs.
Alerje Healthcare - Medical Device Alerje builds emergency medicine & digital health solutions for 220M families worldwide impacted by food allergies.
Alisio FinTech Alisio is an international cash management platform that integrates financial back-office systems and payments to unlock access to growth capital and promote trade.
AngioInsight, Inc. Healthcare - Services or Health IT AngioInsight is a seed-stage digital health startup developing an AI software that processes heart images and provides key diagnostic measures to improve the treatment of coronary artery disease.
APT Solar Solutions, LLC Energy / Energy Efficiency APT will commercialize a patented solar technology whose advantage is in its ability to generate high levels of energy through a vertical configuration of cells. Market entry is planned for 2024.
Bedestrian Healthcare - Services or Health IT Robotics, focusing on automated delivery and optimizing logistics inside Healthcare facilities
BioMEMS Diagnostics, Inc. Healthcare - Medical Device Developer of ultrahigh performance medical diagnostics at Point of Care, Point of Need and at-home, putting high-complexity, lab-grade testing technology in the palm of one's hand.
BlueConduit Information Technology (IOT, Enterprise, Internet) BlueConduit created a Data Science/AI software platform that provides predictive modeling and analytics to help cities solve their most pressing problems and best allocate resources.
Bricklayr Advanced Manufacturing / Materials Your single source for quickly renting construction equipment from various equipment suppliers in real-time.
BuyMySpot Automotive / Mobility BuyMySpot partners with campus landlords, providing affordable long-term parking via a marketplace and offers an Airbnb-like model for event parking, avoiding sign-holding on game days.
CatalystXL, Inc. Information Technology (IOT, Enterprise, Internet) CatalystXL’s Digital Experience Platform (DXP), Cardware™, fixes digital sprawl and information overload with a centralized and integrated solution for managing communication, tools, and content.
Catapult Consumer Products Catapult provides online-only restaurant concepts to commercial kitchens to fulfill orders as a way to earn additional profitable revenue
CircNova, Inc. Healthcare - Biotech/Pharma CircNova, Inc. is a start-up biotechnology company that leverages our unique AI NovaEngine™ to generate, analyze and identify circular RNA for therapeutic development.
Crediometer FinTech Crediometer is creating an online and offline means of receiving digital payment for business owners
CrossBraining Inc Education Tech We're an edtech platform for skilled trades - think MasterClass or Coursera tailored for welders, nursing assistants, etc.
Culturebie Information Technology (IOT, Enterprise, Internet) Culturebie's cloud-based people analytics platform provides data-driven, actionable insights about employee experience and productivity.
Curio Genomics Information Technology (IOT, Enterprise, Internet) Curio Genomics is a bioinformatics software company focused on accelerating crop genomics research to develop and commercialize better seeds in the face of climate change and population growth.
Decimal Code Healthcare - Services or Health IT Decimal Code automates medical coding using a natural language processing machine learning algorithm
DEO USA Inc Healthcare - Services or Health IT With rich and accurate data, we model a digital twin of your operating room to help you achieve operational excellence.
DroneView Technologies Information Technology (IOT, Enterprise, Internet) DroneView provides survey/mapping solutions - using aerial imagery & LiDAR from both manned aircraft & drones for survey/engineering firms and other other enterprise customers throughout the US
Electric Outdoors Inc Automotive / Mobility EO’s portable, off-grid and solar powered platform enables landowners to unlock their land creating experiences and revenue income from in-flux of electric vehicles coming to the remote outdoors.
FirstIgnite Information Technology (IOT, Enterprise, Internet) FirstIgnite builds AI powered business development tools for scientific organizations
FreightMiner Automotive / Mobility Our aftermarket tech converts trucking fleets into unmanned-driving trucks to drive autonomously over long freeway stretches and to be remotely controlled by human drivers for short distances.
FreightRoll Information Technology (IOT, Enterprise, Internet) FreightRoll is a yard orchestration platform that empowers shippers to create an automated digital journey for drivers within their yard
Functional Fluidics Healthcare - Biotech/Pharma Functional Fluidics is a biotechnology company with a high complexity CLIA-certified diagnostic lab striving to be the gold standard in red blood cell (RBC) health: beginning with Sickle Cell Disease.
GEKOT Robotics Inc. Automotive / Mobility Developer of active safety, anti-theft and city-compliant technologies for electric scooters and light electric vehicles. Hardware enabled SaaS mobility technology.
Giggso Inc Information Technology (IOT, Enterprise, Internet) Giggso helps businesses securely and responsibly manage, and monitor AI ML models including ChatGPT for production using a no-code platform
Grounded Automotive / Mobility Grounded is an ex-SpaceX-founded startup electrifying the outdoor recreation industry with smart, modular, electric RVs. Our first product is the G2 electric camper van with 250+ miles of EV range.
Guilde FinTech Guilde is a mobile cost estimator built on local, real-time cost data saving construction contractors an average of $137 in productivity cost by increasing the speed and accuracy of their estimates.
Hum Information Technology (IOT, Enterprise, Internet) Hum is the growth engine for internet providers - accelerating subscriber growth, automating service operations, and increasing profit for both service providers, and multifamily operators.
ImmediPay Inc Healthcare - Services or Health IT Technology enabled healthcare shopping program for self-funded employer healthcare plans
Intermode Automotive / Mobility We build and lease universal mobile robots that allow engineers to quickly deploy, scale and operate in commercial applications without needing to worry about hardware.
Jepple.ai Information Technology (IOT, Enterprise, Internet) We provide AI-enabled automation intelligence technology that prevents machine and robot breakdowns to industrial SMEs
KineticBlu.ai Information Technology (IOT, Enterprise, Internet) B2B Marketplace for the $300B construction supply industry. Uniquely monetizing productivity gains of AI powered Architecture automation via manufacturers of building products.
Livegistics Information Technology (IOT, Enterprise, Internet) Only fully digital material management platform for the construction and waste industry, facilitating real-time and seamless digital transactions that empower businesses to optimize their operations.
LiveRoad Analytics, Inc. Automotive / Mobility LiveRoad is a meteorological technology company. We integrate telematics intelligence from across the fleet to generate and verify improved high resolution weather risk forecasting in near real-time.
M3D Healthcare - Medical Device Real time high resolution radiation visualization and spectrum analysis Improving patient outcomes and safety for healthcare facilities
MAFEREB LLC Healthcare - Biotech/Pharma MAFEREB LLC is a life sciences/ pharmaceutical sciences start up company that has a long term goal and focus of saving lives through novel formulations for chronic kidney disease and cancer therapy.
Marel Power Solutions, Inc. Energy / Energy Efficiency MAREL solves a problem at the heart of electrification – easy quick cheap efficient power conversion between grids (AC), batteries (DC), and uses (AC & DC) in mobility, industrial & renewables spaces.
MarkSetBot Media / Entertainment / Sports We are a robotics company serving the marine industry we started with sailboat racing and are moving into other aquatic applications.
MDI Therapeutics, Inc. Healthcare - Biotech/Pharma MDI Therapeutics is developing novel therapies for the treatment of fibrosis and fibroproliferative disorders.
MeetYourClass Education Tech MeetYourClass is a social platform with over 350,000 students that helps universities drive enrollment and fill seats by revolutionizing the way incoming students connect and find resources.
MemryX, Inc Automotive / Mobility MemryX Inc. is a fabless semiconductor company that designs edge AI processing solutions powered by a proprietary compute-at-memory technology and dataflow architecture.
MoiiAI Inc. Information Technology (IOT, Enterprise, Internet) Vision AI for real time solutions to infinite behavioral situations
mokSa.ai Information Technology (IOT, Enterprise, Internet) mokSa.ai: AI-driven video surveillance and audit platform for small businesses, preventing theft and optimizing operations.
Motion Grazer AI, Inc. Information Technology (IOT, Enterprise, Internet) The Company uses a depth camera, processor and proprietary algorithms to evaluate breeding sows to determine body condition, gait and other characteristics to optimize herd productivity and longevity.
Motorcity Systems Information Technology (IOT, Enterprise, Internet) We are a team of experienced professionals delivering proprietary software and systems integration technology solutions that enable trucking companies to modernize and improve their operations.
OptimizeEV Automotive / Mobility OptimizeEV is a software as a service, which focuses on optimizing the operational performance of EV charging through predictive monitoring and maintenance in order to maintain up to a 97% uptime.
PathwaysGI Inc Healthcare - Services or Health IT PathwaysGI provides AI/ML endoscopic video technology to evaluate disease severity in IBD patients to accelerate drug development, lower treatment costs, and improve outcomes.
Pine Advanced Manufacturing / Materials We digitally fabricate, pre-assemble, and deliver cabin structures using our Pine Block System. All parts are cnc routered and cut. Our units are all predesigned and engineered.
Pleiades Incorporated Healthcare - Medical Device A Medical Device company serving the brain injury market
Plug Zen Automotive / Mobility Plug Zen is an EV Charging Station manufacturer. We're developing the only level 2 multi-vehicle charging platform that can charge up to 10 vehicles on a single circuit.
Rivet Work Inc Information Technology (IOT, Enterprise, Internet) RIVET is a Workforce Management platform for speciality contractors. Our focus is MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing) contracting business' with more than 50 field employees.
Scops Coating Technologies Consumer Products Scops Coating Technologies, a spinoff from Michigan State University School of Packaging, provides pfas free, omniphobic resin products and additives for formulators and food packaging solutions.
SensCy, Inc. Information Technology (IOT, Enterprise, Internet) We are a leader in providing comprehensive cybersecurity solutions to small and medium organizations. We have a high value subscription offering which significantly improves our clients' cyberhealth.
Snowbotix Automotive / Mobility Snowbotix specializes in electric multi-utility robots for offroad and nonroad maintenance applications including snow removal, snow grooming, lawn care, landscaping, garbage handling, etc.
Staxel Automotive / Mobility Staxel automates micro-fulfillment using robots and AI.
Stocked LLC Information Technology (IOT, Enterprise, Internet) Stocked is a Pre-Arrival Grocery Delivery Company for Vacation Rentals.
Surge Mobility Automotive / Mobility Our mission is to drastically simplify electric vehicle charging to accelerate the world's transition to sustainable energy. We have built a state-of-the-art software Operating System for EV charging.
Taqyon Quantum Materials Corp. Advanced Manufacturing / Materials Taqyon: Delaware quantum corp with low-cost Graphite Intercalated Compounds. Disruptive coatings - extreme heat, electronics cooling, high ampacity. Testing with major corps. 60% + gross margins
Taza Aya Inc. Healthcare - Medical Device Taza Aya is leveraging patent-pending technologies licensed from the U of MI to bring to market plasma-enabled, mask-less wearable devices that protect against respiratory diseases.
The Patient Company Healthcare - Medical Device Reimagining how patient are moved. To improve safety and decrease injury to employees and patients alike.
Tract, LLC Advanced Manufacturing / Materials Tract is a cloud-based platform that helps tier one suppliers track and manage all of their amortization contracts in one place... allowing them to identify and pursue millions of dollars.
Traxen Inc. Automotive / Mobility Traxen is the industry's first supplier of AI-enabled, energy-efficient, adaptive speed control for on-highway trucks.
Vayoom Information Technology (IOT, Enterprise, Internet) Vayoom is a cyber secure SaaS platform for manufacturing control, predictive analytics, and decision-making to drive greater profitability and growth.
VMX Green Automotive / Mobility End of life electric vehicle lithium ion battery recycling center
Waldo Solutions, Inc. Information Technology (IOT, Enterprise, Internet) Supply chain software tailormade for the forestry industry
Wide Awake VR, Inc Healthcare - Services or Health IT WAVR is a better and safer way for people to experience medical procedures without the need for sedatives.
Zonder Studio Media / Entertainment / Sports Zonder is a real-world exploration game that lets people earn points and level up for visiting attractions like restaurants, shops, parks and landmarks.
Aries FinTech Aries is a rapidly growing brokerage in 129 countries, and we are building a complete financial markets platform that lets anyone start, grow, manage, and scale a fintech business.
BrandXR Marketing / Advertising / Sales BrandXR is a no-code Augmented Reality platform and award-winning XR studio. We help brands use Augmented Reality for Sales and Marketing experiences.
Clixie AI Education Tech Clixie AI’s powerful video interactivity improves engagement and accessibility which leads to better and measurable outcomes. AI is used to automate the creation process.
Hush Information Technology (IOT, Enterprise, Internet) Hush is the AI cyberprivacy service that reduces social engineering and phishing risks for companies and all levels of their employees.
Indie Tech FinTech Private markets for large enterprise to better manage their professional services suppliers and track the delivery and outcomes of contracts. Think the FICO of supplier performance ratings.
Judy Security Information Technology (IOT, Enterprise, Internet) We Exist to Make Cybersecurity Accessible and Affordable. We believe that every company deserves affordable cybersecurity protection, no matter their size and budget. That’s why we designed Judy.
Pocketnest FinTech Saas and B2B2C, Pocketnest provides comprehensive financial planning to genx and millennials in a digital platform. We do this by licensing our software to financial institutions.
PolyQ.ai Information Technology (IOT, Enterprise, Internet) We make AI easy and bring AI to all businesses/enterprises. We bring AI for all, not just the experienced technology professionals.
Vetr Health Healthcare - Services or Health IT Vetr Health is a in-home veterinary care service offering annual memberships for your pet's vaccines, testing, telehealth, prescriptions, and digital records.

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