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Additional data is available in the master Hotlist spreadsheet:

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Renaissance semi-annually assembles the “Hotlist” – a listing of companies that we’ve identified as the most promising early-stage companies in Michigan that anticipate raising venture capital in the next 12-18 months.

This group of around 50 high potential companies is curated from hundreds of recommendations made by Renaissance local partners (universities, incubators, accelerators, seed funds, angel networks, etc.).

Current Hotlist companies are shown below, sortable by sector and with embedded links where their pitch decks and short pitch videos may be downloaded if available.

Company Name Primary Sector Description
CubeWorks Information Technology CubiSens™ XT1 is a revolutionary device for end-to-end tracking of biopharma cold chain logistics that is small enough to be attached to individual vials and syringes of vaccines and high-value drugs.
Wedge OTHER (HR Technology) Wedge is the modern recruiting platform. The one-way video screening solution helps companies make authentic connections with candidates – anytime, anywhere, any device.
86 Repairs Information Technology 86 Repairs is a subscription service that automates repairs and maintenance for restaurants and other commercial kitchens, providing insights that have never existed before in this massive industry.
Akadeum Life Sciences Healthcare - Biotech/Pharma Akadeum is a platform technology company, developing unique applications and products for the separation of high value biologics.
AleloPharma, Inc. Healthcare - Biotech/Pharma AleloPharma, Inc., has developed AleloMAX, a breakthrough and best-in-class genetic diagnostic tool with ultra-specificity and ultra-sensitivity with superior results vs current commercial methods.
Alerje, Inc. Healthcare - Services or Health IT Alerje is developing a Proactive Patient Engagement platform to improve the lives of the 220M people worldwide impacted by food allergies.
Andonix Information Technology Andonix connects front-line workers with their teams, work, and machines to detect anomalies, increase yield, reduce scrap, lost days, and cost while improving workers' lives.
Arterez, Inc. Healthcare - Biotech/Pharma Arterez therapeutics and diagnostics platform is focused on the multi-factorial upstream etiology of chronic vascular disease and that those can be identified, characterized, cured and prevented.
Bedestrian LLC Healthcare - Services or Health IT Bedestrian provides autonomous delivery robots that augment medical/logistics staff. They save hospitals Millions a year in logistics cost, and provide a platform for SAAS services required by FDA.
BlueWillow Biologics Inc. Healthcare - Biotech/Pharma BlueWillow Biologics is a clinical-stage intranasal vaccine company developing a pipeline of proprietary programs including Covid-19, herpes, anthrax, rsv, influenza and peanut allergies. Media / Entertainment / Sports Unbundle Netflix. is aimed to become the home for self-distributed passion projects, by the world's greatest artists who no longer want to be beholden to the major streaming platforms!
CrossBraining Inc Education Tech CrossBraining helps industries where competency is crucial. Instructors load their content into our app. Trainees capture video and record narration for each step to show that they are competent.
Deephow Education Tech Deephow is a Workforce Readiness Platform that empowers people to perform at their best by allowing them to quickly and easily capture know-how & access smart training videos via AI powered software.
EagleView Imaging, Inc. Healthcare - Medical Device EagleView develops augmented reality technologies to make surgery easier and safer. The company already generated early revenue. Its clinical partners include Henry Ford Health System.
Eebu Health Healthcare - Services or Health IT Eebu Health eliminates gaps in patient care through software that automates discovery and tracking patients that require follow-up.
Esperovax, Inc. Healthcare - Biotech/Pharma Esperovax has developed a novel oral mRNA vaccine platform based on its proprietary yeast technology that addresses the challenges and limitations of current injectable mRNA vaccines.
Espervita Therapeutics, Inc Healthcare - Biotech/Pharma Espervita is a preclinical stage pharmaceutical company focused on metabolic reprogramming with a lead indication targeting liver cancer and pipeline development in NASH and polycystic kidney disease.
EVOQ Therapeutics Healthcare - Biotech/Pharma EVOQ is moving its breakthrough therapy for autoimmune diseases (e.g. Type 1 Diabetes, Celiac Disease, etc.) to the clinical stage via internal development and licensing & collaboration agreements.
Facings Inc. Information Technology (Non-fungible Token) FACINGS is a NFT publishing platform helping brands and creators engage with their audiences in fresh and exciting ways by releasing their own custom-tailored NFT collections and facilitating sales.
FirstIgnite Information Technology FirstIgnite, a Y Combinator backed startup, helps companies solve their toughest scientific problems by matching them with university experts for paid consultations.
FlexTal Marketing / Advertising / Sales FlexTal is the #1 flexible talent matching platform. FlexTal matches organizations small and large with elite independent contractors for flexible hourly and project-based engagements.
FreightRoll Information Technology FreightRoll's vision is to become a single source of truth for product traceability as the basis for B2B payment (chain of custody, disputes) and exceptional situations (recalls) for CPG/Retail.
GeneToBe, LLC Healthcare - Biotech/Pharma GeneToBe is a novel and improved modified CRISPR/Cas9 platform developing therapies for rare diseases. The technology improves precise gene-editing rates while reducing off-target errors.
Genomenon Healthcare - Services or Health IT Genomenon is an AI-driven genomics company that licenses life-saving genomic knowledge to pharma companies developing precision medicines targeting rare diseases and cancer.
Great Lakes Crystal Technologies, Inc. Advanced Manufacturing / Materials Great Lakes Crystal's mission is to become the leading provider of semiconductor grade diamond materials which are in short supply yet needed for a number of exciting high technology applications.
GreenMark Biomedical Inc. Advanced Manufacturing / Materials Dental caries is the most prevalent chronic disease worldwide. GreenMark has a diagnostic that enhances visualization of carious lesions (white spots) and is developing noninvasive treatment products.
Iaso Therapeutics, Inc. Healthcare - Biotech/Pharma Iaso is a seed stage startup that has developed a new carrier for conjugate vaccines. The mQ? carrier is a platform that can be conjugated to a wide range of antigens yielding superior results.
IndividuALLytics Inc. Healthcare - Services or Health IT IAQplus Helps Doctors Help More Patients with Multiple Chronic Conditions Get Better Faster & Earn More with Patent-Pending AI Decision Support System with 10X Effectiveness and Accuracy Improvement.
Kall Morris Inc (KMI) Automotive / Mobility Orbital debris R&D developing repeatable ADR spacecraft with non-destructive end effectors and proprietary machine learning programs to characterize and securely capture debris on initial approach.
Larky FinTech Larky delivers engagement for financial institutions. Larky powers actionable, proactive, tailored push notification messages to account holders from within the mobile banking app.
Life Magnetics, Inc. Healthcare - Biotech/Pharma Remember how we couldn't do at-home testing for COVID-19? and the vaccines needed -80C storage? RNA is a fragile molecule, Life Magnetics developed a material which solves these and other issues in RNA technology
Lingco Language Labs Education Tech Lingco is an online platform that allows instructors to create and manage learning materials for their classroom. Lingco learns what students know in order to suggest what they should study next.
Machine Hub Information Technology Machine Hub is a SaaS platform that allows Machine Tools Dealers to simplify their buying and selling process while providing key business intelligence and improving operations.
Movellus Advanced Manufacturing / Materials Movellus is a semiconductor company that provides platform for high performance data center, AI and CPU chips.
MoxyTech Healthcare - Services or Health IT MoxyTech provides intelligent 3D software improving digital health solutions for reliable and unbiased pain outcomes.
Nickels FinTech Nickels' new product, Credit Card Coach, provides credit unions and banks with a value-add service that improves their customers' credit card health while driving new loans for the institution.
NX Fuels, Inc (dba Carbon Fuels, Inc) Energy / Energy Efficiency NX Fuels provides cost effective, sustainable solutions for production of green fuels (such as H2, CH4, etc.) from CO2 and water using only renewable solar energy.
Onboard Software Inc Information Technology B2B SaaS for modern Success teams. Founded by several members of Ambassador ( including founder (Jeff Epstein) which grew to nearly $10M ARR before being acquired in 2018.
Peptinovo Biopharma Healthcare - Biotech/Pharma Peptinovo uses unique nanotechnology to selectively deliver chemotherapy drugs directly INTO cancer cells, eliminating dose limiting side effects greatly improving the efficacy of leading chemo drugs.
Phenomics Health Inc. Healthcare - Biotech/Pharma Phenomics Health Inc. (PHI) is a platform bioinformatics-based precision medicine company providing pharmacological clinical treatment decision support products and services.
Photon Semantics OTHER (Computer Vision) A computer vision company that enables commercially available LIDAR sensors to segment and classify materials (skin, metal, mud, concrete, grass, plastic, ice, etc.).
Pocketnest FinTech Pocketnest (B2B2C & SaaS), provides comprehensive financial planning in a tech platform primarily targeting genX and millennials.
RedoxBlox Energy / Energy Efficiency RedoxBlox is developing a long-duration grid-scale thermochemical energy storage module to be integrated within gas-turbine-based power plants.
Refraction AI Automotive / Mobility Everyone knows robot delivery is the future. Refraction AI's low-cost, road-going robot is large enough to carry virtually anything and the API connects with virtually anyone, making that future possible today.
Renalis Healthcare - Medical Device Renalis is developing digital therapeutics for chronic, expensive pelvic health conditions like Fibroids, Endometriosis & Overactive Bladder. The company is seeking FDA-clearance for its OAB platform
REVEL Moments Media / Entertainment / Sports REVEL Moments is a platform that brings teams & athletes into the homes of their fans to deliver the kinds of experiences that fans most desire and that they will pay for.
RevKeep Healthcare - Services or Health IT RevKeep software helps healthcare providers retain more of the money they earned during audits of clinical services they previously performed.
Ripple Science Healthcare - Services or Health IT Ripple is a web-based software solution that aims to accelerate clinical trials by improving patient recruitment, retention, and engagement.
Shoptelligence, Inc. Marketing / Advertising / Sales A Style-based furniture merchandising platform that increases AOV for retailers by helping shoppers furnish their room, instead of just buying an item, through a cohesive omni-channel experience.
TheraB Medical Healthcare - Medical Device TheraB Medical is a medical device company that promotes holistic jaundice treatment by keeping babies in the arms of their loved ones during treatment.
Virtus Solis Technologies, Inc. Energy / Energy Efficiency Virtus Solis is space-based solar power with 100% availability beamed to the Earth, 5x cheaper than existing renewables.
HealthBridge Financial, Inc. FinTech HealthBridge is a unique employee benefit that sits alongside a company’s health plan to help people manage their out-of-pocket healthcare costs with consolidated statements and easy payment options.
StabiLux Biosciences, Inc. Healthcare - Biotech/Pharma StabiLux’s platform dye technology is poised to unleash the next wave of biomedical innovation. StabiLux's High Brightness Dyes allow researchers to detect the undetectable on, inside and between cells.
The Patient Company Healthcare - Medical Device The Patient Company has perfected lateral patient transfer, what currently takes 22 minutes and is the number two cause of injury for healthcare employees, via the development & production of SimPull™
Traxen Inc. Automotive / Mobility Traxen’s AI-enabled auto pilot system, iQ-Pilot™, increases the trucking industry’s profit margins by 50%.

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